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Real B – ILL Blood (+ Lyrics)

Real B – ILL Blood (+ Lyrics)

Bent ou Old School !

Ha howa LJadid dyal Real Blood, rappeura men Mdint Fes li la7t lina lyoma track solo dyalha ‘ILL Blood’.

Nkhaliwkom tmazko l’had track li kat7yi bih Rap l’Old School 3la instrumental by Alif 55, Beatmaker mn mdint El Jadida li composa l’bzaf dyal rwappa mgharba b7al Fida2i Salghost fel clip ‘Fada2i‘, Dah Doc f’track ‘Kirak Chuiya 3‘ ou zid ou zid… 

Hadchi ghir “tskhinat” o Bach t3rfo ktar, voilà lyrics !

Verse 1 :

life is like a prison it tends to keep you locked up,
It leaves you feeling hopeless thinking “man why life suck”,
Its like every single time you come close to being happy,
Another dark cloud is coming for to attack me,
It wont leave me im fighting for some peace,
I’m listening for some dark cloud need some light to see,
Im a really good person but im treated like a beast,
I’m very full im thinking now, im but living like how?,
I feel like i lost alot in life on the underground ,
I said i tried full the fucking to put me down
I guess i was born to win cause i refuse to lose,
It Tooks a lot of pain and struggle to figure out the clue,
living in this darkness reaching for the light, I gotta fight for the success for a better life,
With pain comes success, cause the form with less,
You want nothing else to lose but your fucking best

Verse 2 :

Is it better life to remove all pain?
Remove social classes, give everyone fame?
Lock up all bullies, remove all shame?
Uniqueness gone, makes us all the same.
That’s no way to live, at least not for me.
There’s one thing I crave, individuality.
Pain helps you grow, but the way is so importantly,
If my body’s feeling pain it means my spirit is free.
I though my body’s locked up, my spirit still sings.
Can you truly feel joy, without first naaaah suffering
Can you appreciate a peasant without a king?
Can you let go with the pride for material things?
Do you have the guts to grab life,
Or you had those nutts but it’s not your style?
When you can’t afford an inch, now you take a mile?
You’re stronger than that, you’re worthwhile.

Verse 3:

nondescript, …rock flows, kinda sick
said imma get, any rap artist, …not as sick
conglomeration…. fake hoes, kinda shit
its confidence, Dedication, and prominence
some Prophets calling for meditation and violent twist